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"Production is up 21% year-on-year, cows are getting back in calf quicker and the herd has never looked better, in all a great decision bringing Malijo Consulting on board"

Russ & Beck McMillan - Nanneella Vic.


"Hi Mark. Thanks for your visit the other day, for saving me money and making me money. The cows are up two litres/day and I'm saving money on purchased hay, they are going great. Thanks again, Danny".

Danny Leahy - Girgarre Vic.


“Malijo Consulting has helped us significantly increase productivity and as a result improved efficiency, pushing our farming system into the future.                              

 Brad Windridge – Leitchville.


“Since introducing the GT 10 to our herd, the cows have performed better, had lower cell counts and fewer mastitis and never been happier!”                                

Brad Wren – Strathmerton.


Malijo Consulting Clients begin to break the rules of Transition Cow Management.

Ethi-CAL - The newest and most exciting method of controlling metabolic disorders within your Transition Cow Management Strategy. Gone are the days of using "nasty" anionic salt combinations to induce osteoporosis in your cattle as means to control calcium balance. Ethi-Cal is a brilliant source of minerals that allows us to maximise DMI, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin/mineral balance of your transition cows without the need to control DCAD.

Malijo Consulting clients have begun to use Ethi-Cal as a means of controlling the metabolic disorders that often come with the onset of lactation in our transition cows. Historically we had to rely on the likes of "Nasty" anionic salts (Hydrochloric acid eats away at concrete, yet we have been happy to add it to our calving cow diets....seems crazy) to control calcium balance within our herds. But with the inclusion of Ethi-Cal we can now formulate diets to satisfy the huge increases in demand by the cows for energy and protein with very little risk of milk fever.

With the addition of Ethi-Cal we are now able to confidently formulate diets that meet the following:

  • DMI of 12-13kg/cow/day.
  • ME concentrations of 10.5-11 MJ ME/kg DM.
  • 38-40% NDF concentration/kg DM.
  • Crude Protein concentration of 16% CP.
  • DCAD of 350-450 meq/kg DM - Long been suggested that <80 meq is required for successful control of Milk Fever......not anymore! 

Malijo Clients have recently calved over 500 cows with only 7 cases of Milk Fever in animals that have received the Ethi-Cal for longer than 3 days pre calving.. Of these, 6 cases coincided with a new calving paddock consisting of high concentrations of white clover, a recipe for milk fever.


Average production figures for February 2012

Attached is a copy of the average production figures and feed intakes for the Malijo Consulting group of farms for February. We now have 12 months of month in month out figures for the group, and as the months go by we will update the rolling averages. 

February average production figures.


Lead Feed Workshop: Transition your cows properly

Dairy Australia in conjunction with Malijo Consulting

Learn how to transition your cows effectively and efficiently or refresh your lead feed knowledge on: Thursday 21 February 2013


January Production Average

Attached is a copy of the average production for January. 

January Production average


December Average Production.

Attached is a copy of the Malijo Consulting group production averages. Things are still travelling along pretty well with protein still above 0.9kg protein per day with majority of stale cows still in the mix.

December average production.