Average production figures June 2013
Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 09:28PM

Average production figures for the June 2013 were down a little on the where we would have liked, but this was brought about by the amount of wet weather that we experienced in the first week of the month. This not only meant that pasture intakes were down, but due to the genuine lack of quality fodder available, manging intakes with such a stale group of cows was very difficult.

However with the new season apon us and looking positive for milk price, now is the time to get the cows off to a flying start. This means ensuring that you all have a dry cow and transition management strategy that ensures that you meet the demands of the transition cow. With access Fodder being limited there will be many different means and ways of making this happen.

So make sure that you speak with up in the very near future to make sure your diets are set to get the cows off to a flyer!!

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