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"Production is up 21% year-on-year, cows are getting back in calf quicker and the herd has never looked better, in all a great decision bringing Malijo Consulting on board"

Russ & Beck McMillan - Nanneella Vic.


"Hi Mark. Thanks for your visit the other day, for saving me money and making me money. The cows are up two litres/day and I'm saving money on purchased hay, they are going great. Thanks again, Danny".

Danny Leahy - Girgarre Vic.


“Malijo Consulting has helped us significantly increase productivity and as a result improved efficiency, pushing our farming system into the future.                              

 Brad Windridge – Leitchville.


“Since introducing the GT 10 to our herd, the cows have performed better, had lower cell counts and fewer mastitis and never been happier!”                                

Brad Wren – Strathmerton.


Average production figures May 2013

Even though the Autumn months have been challenging for maximising pasture productivity, on average the Malijo Consulting group have stuck with it and kept production levels up, and as result will capitalize on the significant increases in milk price that comes with the winter months.

Its also important to note that in many situations (thankfully none of the consulting group) we are seeing the result of mismanaged feeding strategies from the spring. In many cases it was advised by some consultants/advisers in the industry (again not by Malijo) that feeding cows to peak was unnecessary and not profitable. However what we are now observing in these systems is cows producing very little milk/solids (often <15 litres) as a result of the cows not maximising production/intake early in lactation.

Its pleasing to note that the consulting group are producing roughly 25% better than district average (according to average herd test data), and produced marginally better than May last year, and all going well will produce significantly more in June 2013 than they did June 2012. A great effort!

Average Production May 2013

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