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"Hi Mark. Thanks for your visit the other day, for saving me money and making me money. The cows are up two litres/day and I'm saving money on purchased hay, they are going great. Thanks again, Danny".

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“Malijo Consulting has helped us significantly increase productivity and as a result improved efficiency, pushing our farming system into the future.                              

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“Since introducing the GT 10 to our herd, the cows have performed better, had lower cell counts and fewer mastitis and never been happier!”                                

Brad Wren – Strathmerton.


Do not overlook protein balance in the transition period!

Far too often in the past two weeks have I seen some real issues with Leed feed strategies being sold to the dairy industry. And many of the issues revolve around the quality of the forages that we have at our disposal this calving season. 

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of the transition strategy is protein balance. Far too often I have seen overall CP%'s of diets at well below 12%CP....and any wonder when the forages of choice this season are often 6-8% CP. It is going to be very difficult to have diet that is a minimum of 14.5% CP (and there is no compimise on this level) overall, when the majority of our diets are less than 8% (that bein the forage).

The issue with inadequate protein levels pre calving, is the rumen will essentially begin to shut down (or at very least, slow significantly in degradation rate of feed) and as a result, Dry Matter intakes are significantly reduced. The effects of this decreased DMI (coupled with increases in maintenance requirements) pre calving will often result in clinical/sub clinical ketosis (often indicated by >3% RFM's), the flow on effects of which will be quite severe, not only in general herd health and production, but will have a huge influence on fertility.

So remember.....the trasition diet (not just the leed feed we are sold by the local sales rep) must be balanced for protein, and give your herd the best chance to get off to a flying start!!


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