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"Production is up 21% year-on-year, cows are getting back in calf quicker and the herd has never looked better, in all a great decision bringing Malijo Consulting on board"

Russ & Beck McMillan - Nanneella Vic.


"Hi Mark. Thanks for your visit the other day, for saving me money and making me money. The cows are up two litres/day and I'm saving money on purchased hay, they are going great. Thanks again, Danny".

Danny Leahy - Girgarre Vic.


“Malijo Consulting has helped us significantly increase productivity and as a result improved efficiency, pushing our farming system into the future.                              

 Brad Windridge – Leitchville.


“Since introducing the GT 10 to our herd, the cows have performed better, had lower cell counts and fewer mastitis and never been happier!”                                

Brad Wren – Strathmerton.


Malijo would like to welcome Dan Hoch to Malijo consulting team.

Recently, Dan Hoch has joined the team at Malijo Consulting. Coming from South Gippsland with a background in dairy farming, he is enjoying working in a sunnier, warmer climate with a longer growing season.

Dan graduated from Dookie College with a bachelor in Agriculture and milked at the Dookie Dairy for a year before seeking some work experience with Malijo.

He has had a keen interest in nutrition from early on and has sought the answer to the harder questions surrounding nutrition.

 As well as his bachelor of Agriculture, Dan is also a qualified football trainer and looking forward to helping out one of the teams around Echuca.

Dan is intelligent and keen to learn. He will make a welcome addition to the Malijo family and he is looking forward to being a permanent part of the future community of dairy farming in northern victoria.

Products and Services

Malijo on farm nutrition and productivity consulting.

Malijo offers an on farm nutrition consulting service, second to none. Superior pasture and grazing management practices results in increased pasture utilization. Marry this with the correct choice (quality and quantity) of supplements and superior ration balancing and you will see large increases in production (milk/fat/protein/body weight) and Feed Conversion Efficiency.


Tailored to your individual productivity and business goals, Malijo’s on farm consulting program will help you achieve business outcomes like no other. Couple this with increased herd health and you have an incredibly sustainable and profitable livestock business.


GT product range – specifically designed to meet the needs of the high producing dairy cow. 

Ethi-CAL - The newest and most exciting method of controlling metabolic disorders within your Transition Management Strategy. Gone are the days of using "nasty" anionic salt combinations to induce osteoporosis in your cattle as means to control calcium balance in your cows.Ethi-Cal is brilliant source of minerals that allows us to maximise DMI, protein, carbohydrate and vitamin/mineral balance of your transition cows without the need to control DCAD.

GT 6 – Designed with the farms that use full customized grain rations in mind, GT 6 contains a vitamin, trace mineral and ionophore pellet (to ensure uniform distribution within your grain mix) along with additional Macro mineral powders, and Acid buff as buffer of choice. GT 6 will support production levels up to 8000 litres/cow/yr.

GT 8 – With the same mineral and additive specs as above, GT 8 is produced as a complete pellet, designed specifically with those that choose to add a protein mix to their own choice and source of cereal grain. GT 8 will support production levels up to 8000 litres/cow/yr.

GT 10 – This is for those that are really pushing the genetic potential of their herd. The GT 10 Product has additional organic trace minerals and additional buffers over and above those supplied by the other GT products, in order to support the higher level of production. 8000-10,500 litres per cow.

GT Stay Dry - Designed to meet the mineral requirements of the Dry Cow and young stock, GT Stay Dry will help to maintain growth rates of your young stock and the mineral status of your Dry Cows. 

GT Flush - is a cobination of vitamins and minerals designed specifically for the your cows in the Flush Program and for your recipient cows.